For Public Sector

Report automation for public sector

I, LARS, serve with transparency and offer accurate data for all citizens. In public sector I help in planning, decision making and politics with on-time reporting.

For cities and municipalities, as well as other public organisations I offer an easy and efficient way to present updated information about the state of their own communities in  visually eloquent and presentable infographics.

With me, data can be presented and form for the purposes of general announcements, resident marketing, as well as for business marketing. Travel and tourism marketing can easily utilize my data visualizations for attracting new entrepreneurs and venues, as well as satisfying the ever-increasing information needs for travellers.

The city- and municipal sector can utilize my services for:

  • Financial statement graphics
  • Budget estimates and comparisons of budget usages
  • The dividings of revenues and shares of tax sources
  • The development of yearly balance
  • The graphs and forecasts for population number
  • The change of population divided in age groups, newborns and migration
  • Volume, development and comparisons of housing production
  • The price development of housing divided by neighbourhoods
  • Education structure, development and comparisons
  • The native languages of the population
  • The development of personnel number
  • The personnel average age and its development
  • The gender divide among the personnel
  • The cash flow and its development as graphs
  • The amount, development and comparisons of loans per residents
  • The amount, development and comparisons of jobs
  • The amount, development and comparisons of unemployment
  • The size and dividing of investments (and share of largerst individual investments)

I also provide valuable material in many different forms for printed reports, annual reports and business vitality materials.

My real-time online data brings more transparency for the municipal sector and my unified visuality in graphic materials presents the city brand in a best possible way.

The scheduled publishing service I provide will ease to bring the annual data to the system already in advance, and only publish it when needed

Read more about my data visualization possibilities, or get in touch, and I’ll show you how efficiently I, LARS, can help the needs of your organisation!

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