Hi, it’s LARS,
your personal data presentation tool

Introducing Live Automated Reporting System

This is about data visualization - I give numbers a meaningful life

I’m LARS, a live reporting system that binds data together from different sources.

No matter what your numbers or their sources are, I can modifiy your data to an easily understandable format and effortlessly accessible documents.
I do the hard work and make your reports look cool containing charts, tables, texts and images for all medias.

As a live reporting tool I provide:

  • Always up-to-date content for multiple media
  • Data update timing possibilities: live, scheduled or activated
  • A turnkey solution + easy User Interface for making changes
  • Fully customised & visually personalised charts and tables for your brand


Interactive charts for web
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Professional PDF vector graphics for print
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PNG-images for impressive presentations
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Made in Redland